Characters in the Story

This list is guaranteed spoiler-free — new characters and information will only be added as they appear in the story, and no plot-pivotal information will be revealed here.

The Wanderer The Wanderer

She's a cunning hunter, suddenly transported to find herself lost in a very alien world.

Door Door

Doors take you from one place to another, of course.

Tigerjet Tigerjet

A dangerous predator from the Wanderer's world. Powerful, fast, and very, very deadly.

Stilted Leaf Eater Stilted Leaf Eater

Tall, ponderous herbivores that roam the plains.

Wingworm Wingworm

Three-winged tube creatures that flit from tree to tree, clinging to branches with their tiny mouth-suckers.

Forest Tentacle Forest Tentacle

Tentacled arboreal cephalopods swinging about in the trees.